Let Us Help With All Your Business Banking Needs

Need a Loan?

Whether you are starting a business or expanding a pre-existing one, Northwest Christian Credit Union can assist you in obtaining a loan to help your business grow and succeed.

If you are interested in a business loan, please contact our Credit Loan Officer utilizing the phone number below.


Property Rentals

Northwest Christian Credit Union can help you obtain the capital you need to find and develop the perfect location for you to run your business.


Whether you are expanding your business to include more vehicles, or maybe purchasing the first one for business use, we can help you find the funding to get your business in the fast lane.


When you are in business, whether you are dealing with expansion or an unexpected expense, it is often hard to predict what is coming next. Northwest Christian Credit Union can provide you with the funding necessary to to meet your customer’s needs and keep things running smoothly.

Services We Offer

Savings Accounts

Your business savings account is key to membership at Northwest Christian Credit Union. Our business savings account help you safely, and smartly, save funds for your business, while ensuring you and your business have all the privileges to the products and services we provide.

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Checking Accounts

Business Checking at NWCCU makes life easy for business owners. With no minimum balance and no account maintenance fee, as well as easy to use online banking services, you can spend your time concerned with your business, not your banking.

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Credit Cards

A NWCCU Visa offers businesses competitive rates and a variety of reward options to ensure you find a credit card that can help you and your business reach your goals and meet your a variety of your  credit needs.

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About Us

Northwest Christian Credit Union is here today because of the vision of a few Christian doctors at Samaritan Hospital.  These doctors had the vision to see beyond the medical needs of their patients, and see the need for financial assistance as well.  In April of 1954 the Nampa Fellowship Federal Credit Union was established.

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What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a financial institution like a bank, EXCEPT that it is owned by the people & businesses who belong to the Credit Union—the members. When you deposit money in Northwest Christian Credit Union, you get a share of the company. That means your money is managed by people like you, who have you and your business’s interests in mind.

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