Getting Married

Getting married is a blessed event, and an important time to evaluate your financial status to meet the changes in your life.

Things to Consider

Make the Most of Wedding Gifts

Receiving cash instead of gifts and presents is becoming common practice at many bridal showers, engagement parties, and wedding receptions. We can help you find the best way to maximize your funds, whether you’re looking for a new savings account for future purchases or to finance your first home.

Savings Accounts

Establishing Your New Name

Simply visit one of our branches with your updated Idaho ID, Drivers License, or your marriage certificate and fill out a new account application. We will update your information quickly and efficiently to ensure your new name is in effect when you need it.

Our Branches

Adding Your Spouse to Your Accounts

To add a spouse to your account, simply visit one of our branches with your new co-owner. Present current picture IDs and fill out an application. Also don’t forget to re-order checks to include your spouse’s name.

Reorder Checks

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